The tiled flooring is neatly layed out in diagonal shapes throughout the whole home.

Please bear in mind that these pictures were taken when we were not thinking of creating this website, so they might be lacking in quality, actual listing pictures will be better.

In the entrance there is a spacious living room, which accesses the following:

  • A bedroom in suite, which overlooks 28th. Ct.
  • Roman bathroom with jacuzzi in suite bedroom.
  • A big master bedroom overlooking both 17th. Ave. and 28th. Ct.
  • A smaller bedroom.
  • Second bathroom shared with the two bedrooms above.
  • Cabinet for the water heater.
  • Tiled kitchen with refurbished cabinetry.
  • Dining room with boiserie.
  • Screened patio.
  • Platform for barbecue.


Living room

When entering the home, you go through a roofed porche, and a hurricane-proof door.
You then access the living room, which has a beautiful pattern of diagonally-laid tiles.
From this space you can access all tne interior of the house: the suite bedroom is on the left and the other two bedrooms and bathroom on the right.
After traversing the arc, you have the tiled kitchen on the right and the boiserie-decorated dining room on the left.

If you continue through the back door, you leave the part of the house that is under AC, reach the screened patio, and, further down, the barbecue area.

Suite bedroom

Walk-in closet closed Walk-in closet open Roman bath Jacuzzi

The suite bedroom has a roman bathroom with jacuzzi and a walk-in closet.
It is isolated from the other bedrooms, being in the opposite side, the ideal setup for a married couple with children.

Water heater

Water heater installed in its cabinet Water heater electrical controls and shut-off valves Water heater circuit breakers in adjacent panel

On the right side of the home, opposite the bedroom in suite, there is the second bathroom, the controls for the water heater, and the bedrooms.
Let's start with the water heater.

Second bathroom

Second bathroom, first view Second bathroom, second view Second bathroom, third view Bathtub with protection bar

This is a full bathroom with screened tub, and tiled throughout.
There is bar protection in the tub.

Master bedroom

Closet with air handler shown Closet showing rack mounts Shoe rack

The master bedroom has views to both streets: 17th Ave. and 28th Ct.

It hosts the air handler of the AC in the closet.

Smaller bedroom

Closet with mirror Shoe rack

The smaller bedroom overlooks 17th Ave.
It also has a closet with sliding door and mirror.


View of kitchen sink, microwave, and self-cleaning oven. Cabinetry

Fully remodeled kitchen with artistic tiling and refurbished cabinetry.
It has a Moen dishwasher assembly, and is fully protected electrically with GFI.
The fire extinguisher is shared between the kitchen and the dining room.

Dining room

Dining room - general view Panel shown with its old color Closet closed Closet shelves with construction materials

The dining room has been entirely decorated in boiserie.
It has a large closet to store dinner ware.
The panel shown has already changed colors to match the darker general atmosphere.