Panoramic view of roof turbines and ventilation Double exterior insulation - first view Double exterior insulation - second view Insulated electrical intake Solar fan on the right Roof turbine close-up view Interior insulation with flakes Interior insulation with rolls Interior insulation - ceiling view

The roof has been completely remodeled
All the old shingles were discarded, damaged wood was replaced and a new insulation layer of asphaltic membrane was installed on top of the old one.
The shingles are the best quality in Home Depot and the pattern looks like a beautifully layered wooden roof.

A unique feature in the neighborhood is a solar powered fan, which lowers electricity consumption by cooling the attic, plus it will increase the roof's duration, in Florida roofs tend to cook inside the attic because of the heat.
Cooling is further enhanced by two roof turbines, and by thick layers of insulation installed in the attic.