MailboxFront viewView from 17th. Ave.Back viewTrane AC protected with anti-theft cage3-ton Trane AC technical specificationsSecond back viewSide view from 28th. Ct.

The tiled flooring is neatly layed out in diagonal shapes throughout the whole home.

Please bear in mind that these pictures were taken when we were not thinking of creating this website, so they might be lacking in quality, actual listing pictures will be better.

In the entrance there is a spacious living room, which accesses the following:

  • A bedroom in suite, which overlooks 28th. Ct.
  • Roman bathroom with jacuzzi in suite bedroom.
  • A big master bedroom overlooking both 17th. Ave. and 28th. Ct.
  • A smaller bedroom.
  • Second bathroom shared with the two bedrooms above.
  • Cabinet for the water heater.
  • Tiled kitchen with refurbished cabinetry.
  • Dining room with boiserie.
  • Screened patio.
  • Platform for barbecue.